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SALTO KS is built for any business looking to manage access in an easy and secure way. No matter your industry or the size of your business, we've got the cloud based access control solution that fits your needs.
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Manage multiple locations from one app

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KS allows us remote management of all supermarkets, precise access authorization, and a 24/7 overview

Jan Kruse, EDEKA

Whether you own a bakery or run multiple brick and mortar stores. SALTO KS allows you to manage all your locations from a single app.

Making access control simple and secure, with SALTO KS you can grant specified access for your staff, suppliers or even delivery services. Simply select days, timeframes and locks. 24/7 activity feed will let you oversee all locations from wherever you are, so you can focus on doing what you love most!

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Other companies using SALTOKS are... Maurice Verbaet Center, Sleepworld, Tony's chocolonely, TGI Fridays and more.

Shared Spaces

Grant easy access, track usage

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SALTO KS integration saves us lots of time and the automated meeting room access is awesome!

Balster van Duijn, the Wheelhouse

Are you the owner of a coworking space, or the manager of multiple office buildings?

With SALTO KS now you can manage access for your business on-the-go. Open doors remotely, block access, view entry activity and receive activity messages on your smartphone. You are in control of who goes where and when in your buildings. Grant designated access to visitors, employees, or even clenaers whenever it is necessary for them to enter.

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Other companies using SALTO KS are... Impact Hub, Wheelhouse, TQ, OPEN, Spacemob, Cross Campus and more.

Rental Properties

No more handing keys

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As a property manager or an Airbnb host, with SALTO KS you can improve your guest experience. No more handing keys, you can simply open doors remotely from your app.

Grant specified access for your guest, for their booking period and for cleaners after the booking period. Keep track of entries and events with SALTO KS and stay in the know.

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