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With KS Core you have the freedom to create your own access control solution built on our KS Core API; you focus on your app and let us handle the infrastructure.

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Enjoy building the access control solution your business needs; completely your own user interface on both mobile and web. Only thing SALTO branded will be your hardware

Are you ready to build your dream access control solution? With KS Core you’ll not only preserve your brand identity, but you’ll also have your own user interface.

Access to KS Core API

Your own user interface

Host your user data

LARRY: your support tool

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Build the best

We give you all the tools and support you need to get started with KS Core API. We’ll guide you through the entire workflow from setting up your hardware to making API calls. You’ll build high quality mobile apps for iOS and Android using our Mobile SDKs in no time.

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Your User Interface

With KS Core you don’t need to stick to SALTO KS UI designs. This is your own application with your own UI so go ahead and design away. You’ll also have your own URL both on mobile and web, preserving your brand identity.

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Constantly improving

With every released new feature in KS Core, your apps will have the opportunity to upgrade with these new features as well. Stay ahead of the curve with our ambitious road map.

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We keep growing and expanding in many international markets, and Clay has proven to be the right partner that supports us to scale globally.

Andre Sharpe – Chief Information Officer at IWG

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With KS Core API you can build your app and scale your business in no time.

With KS Core API you can build your app and scale your business in no time. KS Core API powers our own product SALTO KS as well, so you can be assured that you’re in good hands. The word Core in the name KS Core API refers to the core hardware of any access control system including KS; IQs, Repeaters, Locks and Tags.

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The scope of KS Core API covers all functionality that enables you to use these hardware, such as;

Locking and unlocking your doors from the API, programmatically adding accessors, modifying tags, and managing access to your locks. User management, authorization and authentication is deliberately out of scope of KS Core API, allowing you to have no restrictions in defining your own business logic for your user roles and permissions.

With KS Core you get more than an API; you get LARRY. This tool will help you manage, monitor, support and maintain your smart lock solution.

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Behind-the-scenes control to help your customers with their hardware.

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KS Core allows you to benefit from setting up hardware for your locations, a generic feature of KS, via LARRY Commissioning. Add your installers to LARRY and let them commission new sites with the LARRY Commissioning App. Our SALTO KS installer network also uses LARRY for all KS installations around the globe, you can be assured you're in good hands.

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Are you eligible for 
KS Core?

KS Core is suited for companies;

With a skilled development team
With a global presence & large customer base