Think Tank Partners posted on Dec 5, 2019

SPX Agency: Reimagining real estate & the future of customer experience

This month’s Think Tank Partner is SPX Agency, founded by Bart Sasim, an expert in designing the utilization of spaces to optimize the customer experience. This fundamental idea is where the agency gets its name: Super Positive Experience, of which Bart is now CEO. Their mission is to create and develop brands which connect to the hearts of their customers through experience-driven real estate. This mission is achieved through innovative and sustainable tools within new media including VR and AR which they believe can enhance the experience of the customer, especially within Coworking, Coliving, Student Housing and more.

SALTO KS is excited to present this guest blog written by the SPX Agency, in which they take us through their inception and provide us with their take on the future of experiencing real estate.

Who are you, what makes you tick, what is your passion?

In the early 2012s, Europe was still in the middle of a real estate crisis and it was a challenging yet exciting moment for the student housing industry to discover new possibilities.

As the demand for student housing was stimulated by an immense influx of students, student accommodations were moving from a public, standardised offer to a privatised model with an experience-driven focus. That is when, as a fresh interior architect, Bart Sasim, CEO & Founder of SPX Agency, was introduced to the Student Housing Research Foundation, The Class of 2020, to develop their branding and corporate identity.

Having acquired work experience from various architecture- and design firms throughout, and after his studies, he had been trained to develop concepts from an architectural standpoint, adopting the ability to revitalise spaces and envision their potential beyond their basic functionalities.

Possessing a genuine interest in understanding the perspective of human interaction within constructed spaces and community, he welcomed the opportunity to bring the experience-design methodology to his next project—cooperation on building up Student Housing Brand (The Student Hotel).

After overseeing the successful launch of The Student Hotel in several locations, it soon became apparent that a great number of other parties involved in micro-living developments were in dire need of similar services and support to take their brand to the next level. It was evident that the new generation of students and young professionals expected brands to find better and more innovative ways to deliver experience.

Inspired by the new energy that he brought into the market at The Student Hotel, Bart ventured out on his own to help other housing players grow and push the bounds even more. With the mission to help brands connect to the hearts of their customers through super positive experiences, SPX Agency was brought to life.

In what vertical do you work and why? How are you making an impact in your vertical?

We bring our expertise and knowledge of target needs to real estate developers and operators to ensure that the schemes that they develop are truly elevating the lives of inhabitants. As creative partners in business, we support our clients in the full spectrum of branding and marketing-related activities to help roll-out their brand and take the overall student experience to new heights. In addition, we offer innovative tools within new media such as 360-degree video & photo, VR & AR to help our partners adapt to the digital-driven times and take on a more 'hospitality-like' approach to attract customers, providing them with an information-rich & more memorable customer experience. We believe this is the way of the future.

We believe our goal of bridging the gap between hospitality and the real estate sector will help to enrich the lives of young people by bringing back the ‘human’ factor within constructed spaces, community & experience building to support them on all levels of their personal and professional development.

By helping to shape and build student housing, Coliving and Coworking brands from concept to development, we also strive to foster a sense of social responsibility & sustainable growth in brands to positively influence the cities & communities of tomorrow.

What does digital innovation such as SALTO KS can do in your vertical?

To achieve this ambition, we partner up with enthusiastic frontrunners who leave ordinary behind as they race toward extraordinary the same way we do. We are excited to work alongside SALTO KS to innovate the ways people experience the spaces and to co-create a better future.

Lastly, what is your hope for the future of your vertical?

In Coliving & student housing industries today, what speaks to people is not just finding a place to sleep, eat, work and repeat, but it is the promise of community, convenience and fulfilling experiences that foster both their personal and professional growth. And with the power of our niche expertise along with our think tank partners, we hope to create more super positive experiences and influence the way cities & communities of the future develop.

For more on the work of SPX Agency, take a look here. If you’d like to get in touch, contact SPX through this form.

Thank you, SPX Agency for collaborating with us on this edition of our Think Tank Partner series and we look forward to what the future of Super Positive Experience has in store!

SPX Agency:  Reimagining real estate & the future of customer experience 1

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